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Moss to Patriots, WR logjam gets thicker

Sunday, April 29th, 2007


I’m not sure what to think about this. Moss’s history shows him to be the antithesis of the so-called “Patriots’ player”. He gets in trouble off the field and worse from a football point of view, dogs it on the field. When he has a decoy route he doesn’t run it out. He complains about not getting the ball all the time. And so on.

On the other hand, he apparently really wanted to come to New England. He forced the trade by refusing to restructure his contract for the Raiders or the Packers. I have to believe he’s going to be making a lot less here than he’d have gotten if he stayed in Oakland. I have to believe Belichick laid it on the line to him up front that Brady throws to whoever is open, that BB doesn’t tolerate players dogging it, and that if Moss starts up his primadonna act he’ll be on the street. So maybe Moss really is motivated and will actually play hard?

If — a big if — Moss does play hard, he’s definitely worth a 4th round pick. And looking at it another way — even with a terrible QB and the league’s worst offense by far last year, Moss had better numbers than most Patriots’ receivers. So maybe he will have a big year?

So what receivers will be on the outside looking in as the season starts? Assuming he doesn’t screw up, Moss will be on the roster. So will Welker and Stallworth. And if the knee really does recover, you have to think they’ll have Chad Jackson on the roster as well. What then of Caldwell, Gaffney, Washington, and Troy Brown? I don’t think it’s looking good for Troy, even if he does recover from his knee injury.

No more statue to knock over anymore

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Bledsoe is calling it quits.

The Bledsoe years here were bittersweet. He was tall. He had an arm. But he didn’t want to put in the year-round time improving his game, he couldn’t do progressions, and had terrible pocket feel. It’s too bad for him he didn’t come out of college in the 1970s. Behind the kind of offensive line you could put together in those pre-free agency days, and with some wideout burners, he may well have been known as the greatest QB of all time. Unfortunately for him, he came into the NFL in the 1990s and would not or could not adapt to what defenses did to him once Belichick had a shot at him.

And lets not hear about how he was amazing in the 2001 AFC title game in Pittsburgh. Brady had led the Pats most of the way down the field before one of Cowher’s thugs cheap-shotted him. Bledsoe then made a couple of good plays to finish the drive. After that, with the exception of one crucial 3rd down completion, that was a hide-your-head-behind-your-hands-and-pray-nothing-bad-happens game. Don’t forget the ball Bledsoe threw backwards over his head while facing away from the defense. Still, it was nice to see him get one last moment in the spotlight.

And then, after those first 8 games in Buffalo, it all turned to ashes. Pats fans would nod in quasi-sympathy as Buffalo and then Dallas fans would complain about all the faults Pats fans knew too well. Can anyone forget the patented Bledsoe backpedal toward the sideline and throw the game-losing INT?

But he was tall. And strong. And had a rocket arm…