Brady meets the press

Brady had a press conference today. The full Q&A is here.

It’s good to know the Denver playoff loss still burns him:

“It was tough. It’s funny, I don’t watch a lot of TV. But before I went to bed I was actually watching TV and was on the ‘On Demand’. Then I went to ‘Patriots On Demand’ and was like ‘Let me flip through some of this stuff.’ So I watched the press conference before the Denver game, and the last thing I say, to the last question about Champ Bailey, was ‘Yeah, every time I throw over there I’m really going to make sure I’m careful.’ I’m sitting there, lying in bed, thinking ‘Of all the things to have said, sure enough.’ Champ took one [interception] 103 yards. That’s going to stay with me for a long time Ė and I continue to be reminded every time itís on NFL Network, every time I watch that, itís Champ running down the sideline. It was a tough way to end the year. We were really playing at a much higher level than we were earlier in the season. We were a very confident team. We laid an egg out there, and I was a huge part of that. Hopefully, with the work that we’re doing now, trying to improve, when we get in those situations again we won’t make those same mistakes.”

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