He’s dead to me now.

So, Vinatieri’s a Colt.

Then you’ll have to pardon me for saying that I hope he shanks every FG he attempts this year, and I want him to get his bell rung when Indianapolis plays in Foxboro in the upcoming season. And I’ll be out there booing every time he steps onto the field.

Yes, I’m thankful for the kicks he’s made over the years. And if Bill “Intercepting Manning should be against the rules” Polian wants to overpay for him, you can’t really blame him for going. But he chose to join the enemy — he’s a member of the enemy now and that’s how I’m treating him. And I think he has to knock Curtis Martin off the top of the Traitor’s List.

While it is true that there’s no way the Pats should have matched the poison pill deal that the Jet offerted to Martin, the Pats shouldn’t have let it get to that. Martin was clearly a tremendous bargain and the team should have re-negotiated his contract (or at least attempted to) instead of letting him get to free agency. “How is that different than Vinatieri?”, you may say. For starters, Vinatieri has been the top-paid kicker the league and the offer from the Pats that he rejected would have kept him there. So this isn’t the case of a team refusing to up the salary of the player who is worth far, far more than his contract.

To be fair to Vinatieri, he did take the high road and said all the right things at his Indy press conference — refusing to take whacks at the Patriots even though it has been widely reported (even before free agency began) that he wanted out of New England and had been incensed over his pay, over how negotiations have been handled both this year and in the past, and over the use/non-use of the franchise tag on him.

So, I’m sorry. I’ll thank you for what you did here, but I am not wishing you good luck going forward. Good health? Sure. But after that, I hope you have horrible seasons to come. You could have gone to a different team, but you went to the Colts. You’re dead to me now.

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