A Kraft relapse?

There have been some reports buzzing around that Kraft “personally intervened” in the Troy Brown negotiations to make sure that Brown re-signed with the team.

I really hope that didn’t happen.

Those of you who have been fans since 2001 and here nothing but glowing praise of Kraft (unless you make the mistake of reading Wrong Borges and Nick Cafardo) might not realize that fandom had many doubts about Kraft all through the 1990s. When he bought the team he seemed a lot like a Mini-Me to Jerry Jones’s Dr. Evil. Kraft was seen with a stopwatch timing players at camp, he was constantly glad-handing fans around the stadium on game days and looked like he might turn into a meddler, a la Jones or Steinbrenner. Then there was l’affaire Parcells and the long decay of the Carroll years, where it was clear that any player with a grudge or a whine could jump the chain of command and go to Kraft. Not good.

And now we have these reports. On one hand it could be nothing. No matter how much you like Troy Brown, you have to concede he’s a player at the end of the line. So this isn’t like the owner’s intervention determining the future of the team. On the other hand, if players begin to feel that they can evade Belichick and Pioli and get things into Kraft’s hands, that’s a very bad precedent given the system that Belichick and Pioli have put in place. If Kraft makes a lie of Belichick’s pledges to his players that everyone gets treated the same, it could get nasty, especially when the inevitable stinker season comes along.

So lets all hope those reports are wrong.

Then we were saved by the Arrival of Bill and the concomitant act of Kraft essentially agreeing to butt out of football operations. And as far as we can tell, he’s stuck to it, even as fan favorites and his own favorite player (Bledsoe) were released or traded.

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